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Yes, I DO bake to order!  However, at the moment I am taking a brief hiatus to focus on some demanding “day job” projects and will be re-vamping Legally Baked entirely over the next couple of months.  Stay tuned and check back soon!  Thanks for your interest.  ~Kristi

Email all inquiries to or contact me on Facebook.

Prices will vary depending on the complexity, quantity, and timing. 

Unless you request delivery at extra charge, pick-up is either at my office in downtown Bay City or my home on the west side (address to be provided in order confirmation email).  

I also make small custom cakes, but BEWARE I am NOT a pastry chef! 


Drop me an email if you have any special requests.  I love to take flavor suggestions and design ideas, too.  Thanks!!!

Email all inquiries to or contact me on Facebook.


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  1. Very nice price posting! Looks like Legally Baked is official!

  2. As always, so beautiful! Don’t need to be a pastry chef to produce great quality cake, it’s all about the heart and the passion of the baker 😉


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