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German Chocolate Cake – Beautiful on the Inside

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This morning I polled my Facebook friends thusly:

How many times can I use the phrase, “best ___________ ever” before I start losing credibility.

See, that “perfect” chocolate frosting I made a couple weeks ago?  Yeah, that was previously the “best” chocolate buttercream ever.  This one is even better than that.   Same recipe, only I used a 1/2 cup more chocolate and 1/3 cup heavy cream instead of 1/4 cup skim milk.  (No brainer, right?  More chocolate, heavy cream?  Yeah, just call me Dr. Obvious.)

Here’s the other thing.  This cake, each element on its own AND all together fully assembled, rivals the best cake ever.  Personally I think The Wedding Cake was hands down the best cake I’ve ever made, but this one comes AWFULLY close, and I see it becoming a go-to for a lot of future birthdays, even though it’s not the easiest on the eyes.  Great personality, but no super model.

This is a new, different German Chocolate Cake recipe than the one I’ve used before.  Last time I made it I thought the cake was too dry.  So when this recipe by the famed David Lebovitz was the first to pop up on Google, I knew implicitly it had to be the best. 

I was not deterred by the multi-step-separated-eggs method.  It sounded excellent.  Buttermilk, melted semi-sweet chocolate…  Considerably different than my go-to chocolate cake from the Pioneer Woman, but that’s why I wanted to try it.  My usual chocolate cake is not what I think of for German Chocolate.  Too dark, too dense.  

Not even kidding, though, my right forearm was killing me yesterday.  See, I thought I’d be cheffy Wednesday night & beat the egg whites by hand.  Seven minutes later I realized that was really stupid.  Thought somehow it’d be easier than getting out the hand mixer & beaters.  Lazy baker…  

Anyway, this batter was freaking incredible.  I wanted to give myself a facial with it.  Drink it with a big fat straw like a milkshake.  Hoarde it.  I didn’t want to share the bowl after I dumped most of the batter into cake pans.  I didn’t want to share the spatula.  But I had to.  It was that good.  Luckily, the recipe yields enough batter for a HUGE 9″ layer cake.  My client didn’t really need a cake that large so I made 8″ layers for her and had enough batter for two little 4″ layers to keep.  The little cake is perfect for breakfast us to share for 2 nights of dessert. 

And while it didn’t turn out as the prettiest cake, it sure was amazing and definitely worth the time & extra effort.  And besides, everyone knows that people love ugly food generally even more than pretty food, it’s a well-documented phenomemon.

Moist, sweet, salty, a tad crunchy (the toasted pecans, of course) and rich.  VERY chocolatey!  I can’t wait to make one of these to share with my family.


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