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Forays into Fondant – Dr. Seuss Cake & Cupcakes

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This was a first.

An entirely-fondant covered cake.

Previously I partially covered a cake in fondant:

Aaand I’m spent.

That was the coolest cake on the face of the earth for all time.  And, sadly, it was for a boy who doesn’t even like me.  See, the neighbor kid likes to come over & play with our dogs yellow lab and occasionally tell tall tales to Rick.  Like, about how he’s dropping out of school because he’s smart enough already (third grade).  And how he’s not going to play basketball this year because he’s going to do wrestling again so he can be The Champion.  (To his credit, yes he won his division in the state wrestling tourney last year, but that’s hilarious.)  He’s a character.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile, except when his mom sent me a picture of him with this cake. 

So that was pretty much the coolest thing to ever leave my kitchen.  And I highly doubt I’ll ever be able to do anything better.

I tried.

That Michigan football helmet cake gave me a ginormous ego boost.

For like, five minutes.

Because then I thought I was unstoppable and tried all sorts of over-the-top cakes. 

Only to realize I’m a mere mortal and sugar has super, evil powers unknown in this world.  Sugar is schizophrenic.  One day it’s your best friend, all beautiful and frilly-like.  But if contained in frosting and other cake paraphernalia it does not feel like cooperating:  it will destroy you.  If the weather is not to the liking of sugary substances, those substances will devour you

Sugar and I have reached a respectable truce.  A cease-fire, if you will.  I gave it a rest, and it left me well enough alone for a few months.

But I boldly offered to go to battle again for a good friend who ordered cupcakes & a smash cake for her youngest Thing’s 1st Birthday party.  She told me I could decorate them in any way I wanted, Dr. Seuss-themed.  At once, I was excited and terrified.  I wanted to do something great.  Like I said before I got started, Dr. Seuss is worthy of only the most honorable representation in sugar.  And I knew I was capable, I just didn’t know if I’d have enough time.  Or if the sugar would be in the mood. 

The (entirely self-imposed unreasonably high) pressure was on.  To the dismay of my patient hubs, I blocked out a whole Friday night to work on this project, just in case something went majorly wrong. 

It went much better than I expected.

I think because I had no plan.  Plans and sugar are mortal enemies.  You think one thing, sugar thinks another.  You want something to go right, sugar goes left.  So, I just had to sneak up on it. 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this cake.  It just kind of did its own thing.  My 4” round pans have sloped sides instead of straight sides, which usually bugs me and forces me to shave down the sides of the cake after layering it so it’s the same diameter all the way around from top to bottom.  This time, though, I used those slopey layers to my advantage.  I didn’t have to carve anything.  I just layered them up, all sloppy-like with Oreo filling in between, and then schmeared on a thick coating of Swiss buttercream.  Rolling out the fondant took longer than I would have liked, and I wasn’t sure about the seam where I had to fold it, but when I painted it (using some really awesome Vanilla Stoli as my medium, WITHOUT drinking any by the way 😉 I was happily shocked at how perfectly-cartoony it turned out to be.  And I was really glad it was supposed to be lumpy. 


Next to the cookie dough cupcakes & frosting, the green M&M eggs were probably my favorite part.  Not only were they the perfect representation of Dr. Seuss’s green eggs, they were also delicious.  I made a whole bunch of extras for Nikki to set out as candies on her dessert table. 

Thing 3 really liked it, I think.  Thanks for these great pics, Nic! 

Happy Birthday A!


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