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Hoarders: Bakery Edition

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 I’m panicking a little right now. 

Last weekend I used up all of my favorite shiny pastel sprinkle blend on T’s birthday cake.

And somehow I’m all out of white jimmies. 

This is tragic.  S’making me a little anxious.  I have two big baking projects coming up next week ~ will I have enough of the right sprinkles?!?! 

Well, sure, yah, I have a ton of sprinkles in the cupboard but you don’t understand.  I don’t have those sprinkles.  There’s a reason I have a full container of purple sanding sugar that came in the Easter assortment.  I don’t use purple sprinkles, regardless of whatever form they may be in.  I don’t like purple.  Unless specifically requested, you can bet I won’t use purple sprinkles of my own volition.  Except on Mardi Gras. 

Last year's Mardi Gras assortment: spumoni & bananas foster cupcakes. Mmm.

On the other hand, I also have four full containers of white edible glitter – for the opposite reason.  I use white glitter on almost everything I make – everything with white frosting, especially. 

And if I only have one or two containers of white glitter on hand I know I won’t be able to use it because I’m too afraid to run out and not have any.  This is why I have a whole organizer full of sprinkles:  When I only had a few containers of sprinkles I wouldn’t use them.  I hoarded them. 

I thought I was cured of my sprinkle hoarding habit.  I mean, I’ve actually been using a lot of sprinkles lately, even the special gold & silver stars Marcy gave me for my birthday.

So if I’m consuming my surplus of sprinkles that means no more hoarding.  Right? 

Not so sure.  I think I’m a hoarder.  An organized, selective hoarder, but still. 

I’m feeling majorly compelled to go to Zehnder’s this weekend to replenish my stash of shiny mixed-pastel sprinkles and see what else they have that I have to have.  Yes, I fully understand I can order sprinkles in every imaginable color and combination on the internet but there’s just something about shopping for baking supplies at retail that makes me giddy.  Like a kid in a candy store (or, well, like an adult in a candy store, since they sell candy at Zehnder’s too, but that’s beside the point).  It’s just fun. 

Plus, Zehnder’s is the bees knees.  If you’ve never been there, put it on your bucket list.  Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Google it.  Zehnder’s is most popular for its famous buttered egg noodles family-style chicken dinner.  They have this giant topiary chicken in the middle of their streetscape in front of the restaurant that is so well done you can’t even laugh at it.  Zehnder’s bakery is my Mecca.  Well, it’s a secondary Mecca, since Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor is my first.  Frankenmuth is just a heck of a lot closer to home.  The bakery is awesome.  Cases full of gorgeous candies & truffles, beautifully-decorated whole cakes & pies, giant slices of tall layer cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, delightful gourmet pastries, cream-filled profiteroles, éclairs, donuts, fruit-filled cookies, silly decorated cookies, breads, rolls, baklava…  seriously, any dessert, pastry or bread you can imagine – including gluten-free stuff! 

And they have a huge retail selection of wonderful & unique kitchen supplies, tools, specialty ingredients, cook books and must-have accessories. 

And most importantly:  sprinkles. 


I’m taking myself there this weekend I think.  Will report back on the loot.


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