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Injury + Insult = Mmmmmm

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Injury + Insult = Mmmmmm

The power of suggestion is fierce. 

Last week was an onslaught of caramel apples.  Everywhere I turned, they appeared in some form of dessert – on one of my favorite blogs, via Facebook message from my cousin, at the grocery store, and even McDonald’s!  Yes, Mickey D’s is advertising a new caramel apple sundae that I may have to taste-test.  I’m a little worried that might feel like cheating on the hot fudge, though. 

Anyway, this baby is what I call adding insult to injury – sweet, tart, rich, creamy, crunchy, MMMmmm! 


(cinnamon-sugar cider donuts – which, I have to admit, we went almost a mile out of our way to get because there weren’t any at the big grocery store where we impulsively bought everything else.  And notice how we only used 1 & 3/4 donuts, split between two bowls?  Keepin’ it real  😉


(Double vanilla ice cream – Kroger’s private selection brand.  Have you SEEN their latest flavors???  Pumpin cheesecake, cherry amaretto… ugh, buying vanilla took SO much self-discipline.)


(Homemade cinnamon apple pie filling with golden delicious AND honey crisp apples, Michigan cider and real butter – Ka-CHOW!  Recipe below.)


(Warm Hershey’s caramel sauce – that little river of sweet vanilla-appley-caramelly goodness makes me want to cry a little.)


(Chopped honey-roasted peanuts & crushed Trefoils – those crispy shortbread Girlscout cookies, yeah, see?)

And  – AND – would you believe I thought about adding whiskey or rum to the apple sauce?  Heh, that would’ve been the ultimate insult to this injurious dessert – and I mean that in the most delicious way possible. 

I can’t take credit – this was Shelly’s idea, my blogger hero over at Cookies & Cups.  She put all these flavors together in a trifle – one large, pretty bowl with cake, custard, donuts, caramel, apple pie filling, etc., that would’ve probably served 10-12 people.  Since we didn’t have 10 or 12 people to share dessert with on Saturday, I couldn’t in good conscience make a huge trifle.  So instead we made individual caramel apple sundaes served on top of cider donuts.  Incredible.

I LOVED this apple pie sauce!  I need to make it once more, though, to balance te sweetness factor better.  This was just a touch too sweet.  In case I don’t get back to it until way later in the season, here’s what I did and how I will adjust it next time:

Apple Pie Ice Cream Topping

3 large apples peeled, cored & chopped into 1/2” cubes – I used 2 golden delicious and 1 honey crisp.

3 T butter

2/3 cup sugar (but I would only use 1/3 cup next time)

2/3 cup apple cider

1/4 – 1/2 tsp cinnamon

dash’a  nutmeg

dash’a salt

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, simmer all the ingredients listed above, stirring occasionally until the apples soften to your desired tooth – I think I cooked these for about 6-8 minutes so they weren’t crunchy but not totally mushy, either.

Meanwhile, mix 1 T milk into 1 T flour in a cup and slowly pour it into the boiling cider while stirring to prevent lumps.  This will thicken the mixture considerably so it’s just like the inside of an apple pie.  Cool slightly and serve over vanilla ice cream & cider donuts, top with chopped honey roasted peanuts. 

(I have no idea why this dessert caused me to channel Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen in Cars, but it did.  Ka-CHOW!)

Thank you Shelly and Trina for inspiring this incredibly delicious dessert!


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  1. LOVE IT! Awesome! Thanks for posting the link on facebook 🙂

  2. I’m glad I could inspire you. Your inspiration equals deliciousness!! Love the Girl Scout cookies added. (Like I need another reason to purchase those. $80 last girl scout season!!)

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