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Coffee Status Update

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Coffee Status Update

Do you know how your mom/dad/spouse/significant other/bestie/etc. takes their coffee? 

I do, and I take great pride in this:

                Dad:  sweet, foo-foo stuff out of a convenience store multi-flavor dispenser.  Giant. 

                Mom:  black.  (Blech, even the next day – same pot, warmed up.  Gag.)

                Spouse: as close to straight hot chocolate as possible, but he’s evolving.

                Oldest Bestie:  caramel latte.

                Newer Bestie:  Baileys please.  😉 

                Uncle T:  a little coffee with his sugar. 

                Spouse’s brothers, dad & niece:  black Starbucks.  Or Tim Horton’s.  All day, everyday, several times a day, to the point that I don’t know why we don’t own stock in those companies.  They are champion coffee drinkers. 

                Self:  ha – trick question.  Totally depends on the day of the week.  Generally, though, one Splenda & some plain low fat Coffeemate (which I can’t find in the store anymore, and no, fat free and low fat are not the same). 

I’ve already written about how much I’m inspired by the people I love to make things they will love.  But I also take great joy in just knowing, inherently, what flavors people like the most.  Maybe it’s a nurturing thing.  It’s also something you don’t get to know about someone until you’ve been together a while, I think.  It’s kind of intimate, almost.  Something you have to pay close attention, or ask directly, to know.  And then why would anyone remember something like that about you unless they really cared or planned to make or buy you that special coffee, just the way you like it, someday? 

On a major sidebar:  don’t you hate it when you’re out somewhere for breakfast, sipping a delightfully-blended coffee with just the right amount of cream & sugar in it, conversing gaily with your tablemates while patiently awaiting your food, when all of a sudden BAM!  the server comes over with a fresh pot and fills up your cup.  *&^%$#@!#$%^&  THANKS A LOT!  (Thick with sarcasm.)  I had that coffee EXACTLY how I liked it!  Now I have to fuss with the cream & sugar again and it’s too hot to drink with my meal.  Grrr…

Life would be so much simpler if I took my coffee black. 

Anyway, those people whose coffee habits I know so well are the ones who always keep me in the loop on all the important stuff before it hits The Wall.  Like, I have no doubt that I’ll totally be one of the first to find out when their relationship status changes – and at the very latest – I know I’ll find out BEFORE it hits Facebook.  Right??? 

Um.  Or so I thought. 

Actually, I really can’t be offended that I’m out of the loop this time.  I don’t know how my Second Oldest Bestie takes her coffee.  So I have no right to expect to get a call, a text, or an email when the relationship status changes, do I?  Meh.  I’m WAY down on the list I guess.  Twenty years, schmears!

But HEY!  In my defense, I do know that she is a chocolate FREAK!  When we were kids I remember making brownies a few times and ate pretty much the entire bowl of batter.  Okay, so maybe we did that once or twice in college, too.  And so I made this cake for her birthday yesterday: 

Chocolate buttercream (a new recipe I will be sharing at the end here – which I actually wrote down AGAIN, so proud of myself) covering chocolate cake, chocolate-chip golden butter cake, and Oreo filling. 

And I used up my prettiest, favorite sprinkles just for her, adding a bit of glittery green chunky sugar because green is her favorite color. 

Don’t you think that at least deserves a call?  That could have been an engagement cake!  It’s okay, I know it’s not about me.  And she has a huge family.  BUT STILL!!!!  (I am not pouting.) 

No, really, it’s okay.  She’s probably too busy being blissed out with her man, her fiancé, and that I can totally understand.  We kept our own engagement under wraps for a while, too, so I get that.  She just better make sure the bridesmaid dresses are super cute 😉  And she better HAVE bridesmaids!  Okay, if she’s reading this I hope she’s laughing and realizes I’m not serious.  I love her and just need to know how she takes her coffee.  Then I can claim jurisdiction over the first-to-know stuff.  Til then, there’s the chocolate: 

(I can’t let that photo go without giving credit and a shout out to the blogger who gave me “permission” to decorate cakes this way, simple, adorable and just plain pretty – Rosie, my Sweetapolita, this one’s for you 😉

Super-smooth chocolate buttercream recipe:

Start by making a standard chocolate ganache –  

                1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips with

                1/4 cup milk

                1 tsp vegetable oil

                + dash salt 

all the above ingredients melted in the microwave for about 30 seconds & wisked till super smooth, cool in fridge for 5 minutes while blending the next ingredients in a mixer bowl:

                1 – 1/2 sticks of butter (blended for about 2-3 minutes til light & fluffy)

                1 – 1/2 cups powdered sugar (blended for another 2-3 minutes till even fluffier)

                1 tsp vanilla

                + dash salt

then add in the chocolate ganache & blend until there are no more streaks. 

This was perfect right out of the mixer bowl for spreading on the top & sides of the cake, but I chilled it in the fridge for another 5-10 minutes to make it a little stiffer & a better consistency for piping. 

Today I came home at lunch & snuck a spoonful of this and I’m in huge trouble.  This is FINALLY the best chocolate frosting EVER – which I may have said before but I didn’t know what I was talking about.  This is super creamy, very spreadable, and not too sweet (which is the best part).  I should have put a thicker coating on this cake. 

Congrats T – I love you!


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