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Cupcakes in Tiaras


I’ve heard about this Toddlers in Tiaras show and the whole concept cracks me up (and freaks me out a little, really). 

My curiosity is piqued by my husband’s nieces who are both tried-and-true pageant princesses.  They inspire me.

For the girls’ Miss Michigan send-off party (where all of us who live vicariously through them get to eat fabulous food whilst gawking at their fabulous gowns, shoes, jewelry and other fashions) I made some especially sparkly cupcakes inspired by each of them.  I asked them what desserts they crave the most and turned them into cupcakes. 

the Miss Bay County cupcake, in honor of niece Sydney

For Sydney, inspired by lime sherbet & lemon meringue pie, I made The Miss Bay County: a white sugar-cookie flavored cupcake (using one of Sweetapolita’s white cake recipes) filled with homemade lime mousse and topped with key lime buttercream. 

For Cameron who loves chocolate-covered strawberries, I made The Miss Lady of the Lakes:  a super-light chocolate cupcake filled with strawberry whipped cream and topped with fresh strawberry Italian meringue buttercream. 

These were a smash hit.  I loved the tiara-shaped wrappers.  They made for a darling, very showy display. 

The vanilla-lime was a delicious flavor combo but the cake was a little too dense, I thought.  I’ll try it again with a different recipe, something more consistent with a boxed white cake (okay, so I’ll just use a boxed mix).  The chocolate cake was just the opposite – I used a very light cake recipe and should have gone with a richer, more brownie-like texture because I wanted to eat five or six more after I had one. 

This was so much fun ~ I love making things for people I love based on what they love.  I’m working on one for someone special this weekend and I can’t wait to share it but it’s a secret 😉 

Anyway, the same weekend as that party for our girls, I baked some treats for a graduating high schooler friend of ours.    Her mom ordered the cupcakes and told me I could make whatever flavors I wanted.   !!!!!!!!!!!  My favorite kind of order!  So, since I actually have a day job, I combined these two projects.  I was pretty sure these flavors would be universally popular. 

I made a double batch of each of the chocolate & vanilla cakes, half regular sized (in the tiara cups) and half minis (for the graduation). 

Minis are SO cute with that giant 1M-tip swirl on top!  I filled and frosted them all the same, adding cake glitter & star sprinkles to the Miss Michigan-themed batch.  I also used some of the batter to make a giant cupcake using the fancy-schmancy uni-tasker silicone pan Rick bought me for Valentine’s Day. 

Oh, and I mixed up a quick pan of mint 2-bite brownies (I’m pretty sure those were gone before anything else).

Now, here’s where it got REALLY fun:  our graduate is a tennis player, so for the menu, I dubbed the vanilla-lime cupcakes “The Tennis Ball”.  She’s also the eldest of three girls, so the chocolate-covered strawberry ones were “The Big Sister,” and, being a student, the mini mint brownies were “The Grasshoppa.”  =)  So fun!

I wish I had a picture of the inside of the giant cupcake – it’s neapolitan – chocolate cake, white cake and strawberry whipped cream in the middle. 

I love when people inspire me and allow me to make something special for them.  This weekend’s treat will be no exception!   Come back next week to see what we’re up to… (rubbing hands together & furrowing brow mysteriously)


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  1. Love cupcakes! Such fun wrappers too..and yeah, toddlers and tiaras freaks me out!!


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